2363216190_b7896a01ba_bI haven’t been writing much lately, but I’m still thinking about writing. Always.

I’ve been feeling overwhelmed.

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by my own thoughts. All of the chaos, madness, must do/must have/must be here by 9am. It’s too much.

I make something out of nothing and that sends me on a spiral and then I do dumb things and keep making up more stories about what if this and what if that what, if I…

And then in an effort to breathe, I realize I am making it all up and I should just stop.

Stop telling myself the story that isn’t true, stop worrying about whether the story is true, stop worrying about things I can’t control. I can only be how I am in this moment and this moment and this moment. It’s so hard to remember when the world is piling things on and up. Breathe. It’s that simple.