Starting a NEW job

Starting a new job, is one part first day of school – at a new school – and two parts first date, minus the nervous laughter.

You hope you end up loving them as much as you want them to love you.

You hope that everything you’ve heard and thought and the story you’ve told yourself about how it’s going to be –  IS TRUE.

You hope

Anyone can be anyone – even any organization can be anything you believe it to be for six months – and then the cracks show and the truth comes forward and you realize – you might want to make it work and you might not.

I’m thankful to have a job and thankful that it seems to be one that’s going to be amazing and the best and RIGHT opportunity for me right at this very moment. I’ve been telling people in the last few weeks that I found a job – they were so congratulatory that I had to take a step back and remember how hard it’s been for some people to find work.  I’m grateful that this all came together in the way that it did as quickly as it did.

My biggest challenge, while working, will be continuing to focus on the things that I love writing and fitness.  I’m prepared to figure out a way to DO IT. I can do it. Taking everything I’ve learned in the past and bringing it right here, into the NOW. Saying no to the black and white, always living in the gray, in between the absolutes of work and no play or play and no work. We can have both.

It’s a challenge for everyone to find time to do what they love in the world while continuing to make an income to live the life they want to live. One day those two worlds might become the same world, but until then we ride the edge.

Dreams do come true, of course it’s not without actually doing something about them though. The FUTURE is now. GO!


My favorite color is gray.
Why gray?
Gray is the in between of black and white and in a world where so many things have to be this way or that, I prefer the middle road. The gray.

It’s a reminder to myself that most of the good stuff in life happens in the gray, thinking and not acting, believing and not doubting, faith and hope instead of despair, understanding and empathy instead of judgment.
When things are gray they don’t have to be firm, they don’t have to be focused, they can be in between.

Gray is good in my book.

When in the gray, you don’t have to say yes and you don’t have to say no. You can say yes to both the white and the black.

The black and white world belongs in the early 1970s when everything was black and white on TV. I didn’t have color TV until 1981, so I lived in the black and white world a bit longer than most and got stuck there until I was round about 33, but now I can see the difference between living in black and white and living in gray.

There is a saying  – Barn’s burnt down…Now I can see the moon, it’s a quote from Mizuta Masahide, a seventeenth century Japanese poet and samurai. When I lived more in the black and white world this kind of thing occurred many times in my life. All or nothing. Black or white. Now, I don’t have to burn the whole barn down to see the moon, might have to knock down an old wall or two, but not the whole barn.

Gray is good. What’s your favorite color and why?