Be your OWN_patriot

In honor of Independence Day – I decided to send a call out to everyone – BE YOUR OWN PATRIOT!

We all have those moments when we think – is this all there is? Isn’t there something more? I’ve had those moments lately thinking about this blog. I haven’t been doing two posts a week like I said I would and sometimes I think, what’s the point?  What is the point? The point is that in a year, I’ll look back and say, well you let yourself down on that one, or I’ll look back and say, it wasn’t easy but – I did it! I started and I kept at it and it wasn’t easy, but I had the courage to continue.  Guess what? It’s up to me to recommit. To DO IT! Do I care enough about my own interests to be my own patriot?

As I sat down to write today I thought about Independence Day, how I might re-frame it as a call-to-action.

Independence Day is the day the representatives of the 13 colonies signed a Declaration of Independence from Great Britain, it was the birth of American independence.

What, or who is holding you back from your own independence?

I hear people all the time say, I can’t do that, I can’t talk about myself like that, I don’t know where I want to go, I’m terrible at standing up for myself. I don’t know where I’m going. My question – IF NOT YOU? THEN WHO?  There is not a magic decision making fairy who will decide.

It’s you.

Be your own patriot.

def. a person who loves, supports and defends his or her country(YOURSELF) and it’s interests with devotion.

Can’t you give yourself a little patriotism?

Give yourself permission to think good thoughts about your interests with devotion.

Today – right now write down ten good things about you, ten good things you’ve done, or ten good things you want to do. GO! do it. and then – BELIEVE IT. and if you don’t believe it – keep doing it, everyday, until you do.

Be your own patriot. Independence is not far away.