Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 6.25.05 AMIn 2012, I started the year by writing about REVOLUTION. Last year I started by writing about REvolution and REVELATION.

2012 = Revolution – everything in life got turned on end, things changed quickly, my therapist of 8 years moved away. I lost my job. I got a new job. I decided to figure out how to work for myself. I started all over again.

2013 = Revelation – everything in life revealed itself.  I evolved. How I was going to work for myself revealed itself. I started my own business. I worked my ass off for ME. I believed it could work. Not everything was perfect. My dog died. I couldn’t write as much. I had some complications. It wasn’t the easiest thing ever, but I changed because of what I saw around me. Life revealed itself because I was willing to stay with it. 2013 was revealing how to thrive.

Why do I tell you this?  Because dreams do come true. I am proving it everyday. Dig deep, you can be happy, believe it, BELIEVE it. You can’t sit there doing nothing to have it happen, you have to keep working at it, but it can happen. If you imagine it.

Just before the new year 2014 – I had a dream – I was texting with my friend Kate – which is ridiculous that texting is now in my dreams. Note to self – less texting in 2014?! We were texting about the new year ahead and I said: Revelation and Revolution got me to 2014, I’m happy that I changed my life with the flow of those.

Kate responded:

this year
is love.

I’m in. I woke and thought what does that mean? I thought about it and thought about it.

It means, go with love, just love it all the way it is. If I’ve learned anything these last few years it’s that patience with yourself and love for the way things are is where it’s at. Right now is all we really have anyway – so you can stop trying so hard to be good enough, stop trying to be perfect, stop pushing, imagine how you’d like things to be and start letting things fall into place they way they should be, the way they are – right now – for right now.

2014 is for Love – it’s for loving things exactly as they are, the messiness of life, the brilliance of life, to love not knowing, to love knowing, to love the past, the present, the future, to watch in wonder of how things flow, if you let them.  Just love. GO! for 2014.

What’s your word for 2014?

6 thoughts on “Revolution_revelation_love_2014

  1. Thank you Amy for writing this. You are a very smart young woman and I am so proud of you. “Love things exactly as they are. Wonderful, thank you. Mary

  2. Life is a forward event, a forward motion. Literally, figuratively, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally…. it’s all about evolution in a forward direction…. dynamic, as opposed to static… People who seem to be stuck in a stagnate pattern, or those who actually live in the past, seem less open to enjoy the sweetness of life’s current moment. Today is all we have. Tomorrow is not promised…. Not all of life’s sweetness is epic, or over the top. Much of my life’s sweetness is in the small, simple, victories and blessings. Sometimes the sweetness is enjoying the sunset from a tropical beach, but many times it is enjoying the sunset through the window over a bowl of cereal with my feet warming on the heater vent. I personally have been in very positive pattern, for many years (Glory to God, thanks also to my wife and daughter!) I’ve found the best way to maintain my this pattern is to focus on others… my wife, my daughter, my parents, friends, and community…my wife is an awesome inspirational elementary school teacher, and we spend significant time focusing on her 31 eager young minds… There is nothing that compares to making a positive difference in her students, and then sending them off to 5th grade…. the same goes for others in the community, complete strangers, your next door neighbor, as well as family and friends…. So, my word would be “giving”… This year is giving…. helping others to advance, and they in response, help me to do the same….. Your writings have blessed me (as i reflect on my quiet days lived in town, on lil ole Maple St)…..God bless you, Ms. Amy, as you evolve and love life….

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