Never and Ever

2826443735_6dc0cd1cdf_bHere are a few things I have said over the years:

I will never wear heels.

If I ever become the person who gets up and goes to the gym first thing in the morning – shoot me.

I will never eat sushi.

I will never ever ever….and then something happens and I’m wearing heels, eating sushi and going to the gym at 6am. Not wearing heels, or eating sushi AT the gym, but you get it.

What do I say now? – even if I say I will never – it doesn’t mean a damn thing.

Here are some other things that I’ve also said:

I will do a photo shoot in Paris.

I will work for myself one day.

I will write a book.

Two of those three are now TRUE.

Things change. We change. Life evolves.

You can always start over, you can always change, you can always believe in something instead of saying never. Saying never – never ever helps.

I am who I am at this very moment and that is that. There are some basic beliefs I have that stay true, but sometimes we learn and sometimes what we learn changes who we are and what we think and what version of NEVER we know.

I can use my willPOWER for things I want to be true.

Change is inevitable. Suffering is optional. GO!