Verb: 1. Cause (someone) to lose confidence or enthusiasm.
2. Prevent or seek to prevent (something) by showing disapproval or creating difficulties

People will not always understand you or believe in you. Some will even try to discourage you. People who want to take your courage are lacking something themselves. It’s okay – let them talk, but don’t pay it much attention.

You can choose to let it stop you, you can choose to let it in or choose to let it go.  That’s the greatness of being you. You can choose to let people’s advice in or not and sometimes it might be the exact advice you need to hear and yet you still don’t have to listen.

When you’re trying to build yourself up and you’ve not quite gotten to the point of having courage about it – there will ALWAYS be someone willing to say STOP, DON’T GO, YOU CAN’T, BORING, DUMB, whatever else they might say. It might even be you trying to discourage yourself from moving forward, taking the next step, believing.  Don’t listen.  Keep going, keep being you, keep believing you can, make your own mistakes. And don’t take any I told you so advice.