The Kind of Thing That Gets Passed Down

I kept writing the intro to this over and over and over – trying to get right. I so want to say I’m proud, I’m honored to call this woman a friend, and on and on. And while all those things are true – they feel like they are about me. Thunk. I decided it doesn’t need an intro.  It needs to be out there.

All this is about her – Becca Bessinger – her success – her PUTTING it OUT there.  She’s doing it. She’s doing what she loves and she’s keeping on keeping on even through doubt, through all the wondering and self-reflection and because of that she wrote this beautiful song with strong lyrics AND she totally gets it.

This could be my story, it could be yours, it’s collectively ours.

LOVE IT.  Keep bringing it!

Click through and watch this video and hear these lyrics. And like this video if you do. Click – link – go on – click it.

The Kind of Thing That Gets Passed Down by Becca Bessinger

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